Pop Montreal 2018 [Day 4]

On the fourth day of Pop Montreal 2018.
Here was what went on from Saturday.
Kind of a chilly afternoon at the Mile End Block Party.
It was the Focus Wales BBQ showcase.
Not from Wales, Montreal’s Alexa Avina performed a nice dreamy ambient pop music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
HMS Morris delivered an wonderful indie synth and art-pop music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
ANi GLASS performing some retro synth-wave pop music that was sung in Welsh! 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Art School Girlfriend (Got to love that band name) performed their blend of indie dark electro-alternative music. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Went to O Patro Vys and caught two songs by Desiire.
The Toronto musician performed some upbeat Hip-Hop and R&B music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
It was the night that I stepped into the legendary porn movie theatre Cinema L’Amour.
Starting off the night was Los Angeles singer-songwriter Johnathan Rice.
Intimate set of his own music, during the set he bought out his book of Haikus which had the audience laughing.
Ended off with the cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye. 8/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
This was the set I was the most excited about.
U.S. Girls with a full band at Cinema L’Amour.
You never know what to expect , if it will be tape deck version or rocking out version.
This was definitely the dance and rocking out version of U.S. Girls.
Started off with the old gem Island Song but it wasn’t until Mad as Hell that the audience stood up and danced.
It was an all for all dance rock party with some theatrical performance.
Before Rosebud started, Meg literally stared into the crowd to be quiet and then boom!
Hearing and dancing to favorites like Velvet 4 Sale, Rage of Plastic, 28 Days, Window Shades and Pearly Gates was jaw dropping.
Ended with Time which was totally epic with Basia Bulat literally jumping on stage and give it all her best scream rock!
Literally the best show of the night! Final thought when Meg said “Good night! Wash you hands!” 10/10!
Pop Montreal 2018
Pop Montreal 2018
Ubered my way to the Rialto theatre.
It was the sold out show with Cupcakke and there was no way I want to miss this one.
Arrived and caught most of Donzelle’s set.
Fun and entertaining set of electro-rap and hip-hop music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
It was time for Cupcakke to perform.
Missed her show earlier this year at CMW in Toronto and there is alot of hype about her.
It was a crazy crowded show with the audience freaking out big time!
Once Cupcakke came on stage it was a no holds bar of dirty rap and hip-hop music.
I literally was having a fun time dancing and seeing people who don’t dance was really letting loose dancing to her music! It was definitely something! 9/10.
Pop Montreal 2018

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