Pop Montreal 2018 [Day 5]

Lastly here is the final day of Pop Montreal 2018.
Decided to go to the fourth night of Wolf Parade’s show at La Sala Rossa.
Opening up for them was Freak Heat Waves.
This new incarnation is quite different from the last time I saw ages ago.
Ditching the guitars for more of a synth-keyboards sound.
Felt like listening to Depeche Mode. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Wolf Parade played and it was a totally wonderful show!
While it still surprises me how they can do four shows.
Playing a mix of new and old materials from their catalog.
This is my second favorite Wolf Parade show (First being Seattle in 2017).
No matter which night you went, the band puts on an incredible show! 9/10!
Pop Montreal 2018
Headed over to Rialto for the final late night shows.
Caught parts of Montreal’s Tropico Bravo.
Fun latin, reggae, ska and rock ska music. 7/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
Then I was literally surprised by Italy’s Ninos Du Brasil.
It was a mix of electro-industrial and techno music.
Just two guys banging on the drums with some backing track and going crazy! 9/10.
Pop Montreal 2018
This wraps up the 2018 edition of Pop Montreal!

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