Population II – À la Ô Terre [Streaming]

Montreal-based rock trio Population II dropped their debut album À La Ô Terre via Castle Face Records on October 30, 2020.
Intense and heavy psych-rock and punk music that is coming out from Quebec.

About the album:
Population II is able to break the barrier of language, using words as an accessory and the echoey voice ram the music without taking too much place, acting almost like another instrument, hypnotizing into a sort of long trance.

The debut album was recorded in Montreal with the help of the producer and musician Emmanuel Ethier (Chocolat, Corridor, Jonathan Personne).

With his background and experience, joining forces with the unapologetic instrument play of the band, they were able to let the blazing energy truly shine through the 10 songs composing this debut album.

Introducing Population II

Blazing through the stratosphere
Boiling up from beneath the sea
Hanging in the air like smoke
These elemental tunes drift and fluctuate, at one with the air, over extreme heat
Population II has beamed out of Quebec with a mind melting debut of hard psych freckled with punk sentiment
Both old school and timeless
These young humans rip
They are impressive in their live actions and this album captures this raw energy on wax
Produced by Manu from the great band Chocolat
A very high bar has been set, indeed.
Fluid, tough, and over-saturated
this album is bound to please fans of the label and new-comers alike
reminiscent of Amon Duul, early Pink Floyd, Kollektiv, Laurence Vanay, Les Olivensteins, early Kraftwerk, even a touch of the Kinks.

À la Ô Terre gets:

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