POSTDATA – Twin Flames [Streaming]

Is it hard to differentiate Paul Murphy with POSTDATA and Wintersleep?
I say it depends on what era you are listening.
Anyways Paul’s POSTDATA released the third album called Twin Flames out on Paper Bag Records.
Twin Flames is 9 tracks of indie alterna-electronica vibe sound.
Has that light-weight experimentation feel on the lyrics and music.
Twin Flames is one of those albums that you need to do a deep listening from beginning to end.

About the album:
As a full album, Twin Flames teems with intricate sounds, soft things ruffling on the edges, emerging in the choruses, rising in the quiet and the subdued spaces.

Murphy has, with this third LP, crafted the most intimate and timeless POSTDATA record yet; a bright, compassionate text of major-key romanticism.

Murphy says the record is inward-looking and “focused on creating or surrounding itself in hope and warmth.”
This tone is realized thanks in part to both process and content. Twin Flames was recorded and co-produced in isolation by Murphy in Halifax/K’jipuktuk and with Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius, Algiers) in Bristol, UK.

While Chant is a new collaborator, a slew of familiars contributed sounds to the record including Wintersleep’s Tim D’Eon and longtime friend Andy Monaghan of Frightened Rabbit.

Twin Flames gets:

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