Pregnancy Scares & Asile @ Dominion Tavern [November 9, 2012]

After seeing The Darcys at Zaphods.
I headed to the Dirty Dom (aka Dominion Tavern) which is just next door and wasn’t that far of a walk.
I hadn’t been to a show at the Dirty Dom since last year.
Decided to show my support for Ottawa’s Pregnancy Scares because it was their 7″ release party.
Let’s say it was one wild show.
So wild that I literally got my left foot stomped and left leg bruised in the whole process!

I got to the venue while Vancouver’s Peace was playing their last song.
So bummed out on missing that set.
Hopefully they will return to Ottawa.
The second band playing was Asile.
Man it was totally insane.
People moshing left, right and centre!
Very loud and intense set!

Finally Pregnancy Scares came on stage.
It was totally bonkers!!
I don’t know how I survived that set despite being abit tipsy!
The band played a intense loud punk set of their self-title 7″.
Words can’t explain it, you had to be there to experience it.

Overall I really had a great and wild time at this show!
At least I made the right choice going to this one.
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