Proper Nouns – Known Unknowns [Music Video]

Proper Nouns is band from Baltimore, Maryland and today the band dropped their lead single and music video for “Known Unknowns”.
The track is taken from their debut LP called Feel Free which comes out on April 23, 2021 via Phone Booth Records.
Known Unknowns has that indie upbeat poppy punk rock vibe to it.
While the music video is a retro-VHS style of political footage.

About the track:
Regarding the track, bandleader Spencer Compton stated that the song is “an overt anti-war song about being simultaneously disillusioned and captivated by red/blue color lines in US politics.

The video (by Aidan Spann) runs through familiar footage of never-ending presidential talking head endorsements for the newest military ‘intervention’ to ‘spread democracy’ for ‘US national interest’”

Known Unknowns gets:

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