Purity Ring – another eternity [Review]

While every publication that has reviewed this album to pieces last week.
I took my time and liberty to try to do my review of the long awaited second album by Purity Ring.
While the consensus seems to be very mixed on another eternity (happens to be all lower case).
Purity Ring had high expectation with album #2 but left some of their audience disappointed.

Case in point, when the leading single “push pull” dropped.
There was some excitement with it’s alien-electronic pop sound.
Then single #2 which was “begin again”, I felt was kind of lack luster and got sick after listening to it for the fifth time.

The whole album just felt very “airy” and mainstream by blending in EDM/Dubstep.
What drew me and majority to their debut Shrines was it’s unique futuristic pop soundscape.
There are some redeeming songs (which I will say in the “best tracks”) on the album.
The album didn’t really connect to me or have repeated listening.
It will be hard to top Shrines and not duplicate it.
This is really a sophomore slump.
Best tracks:

  • heartsigh
  • bodyache
  • push pull
  • stranger than earth
  • sea castle

another eternity gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.


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