Q&A About Warring With Wes of The Darcys

On September 17th, Toronto’s The Darcys will drop their long awaited third album “Warring”.
Warring is the final installation in a trilogy of releases on Arts & Crafts.
With that (I think) I emailed my questions to Wes Marskell who is the drummer in the band.
Here is what I got to ask in this Q&A.

Tells us a line or two on what Warring is about?
It’s about moving forward. It’s about the next step towards finding your place. This isn’t isolated to the band setting either, but in a greater existential sense.
I think the themes of uncertainty, loss, aggression and the illusive idea of success that we try to deal with on Warring are obstacles many grapple with daily.

On Warring, looks like Wes did all the lyrics.
Is there a point where Wes will step out of his comfort zone and try singing?

No. I think the structure of our band is fairly unique.
We all find ways to contribute and we try to let the best offering or idea rise to the surface.
Maybe on the next record Jason will write the lyrics.
For Warring, I was in a specific mindset and at the time had enough lyrical ideas for a whole record.
Jason will always be our singer and he was instrumental in editing and arranging the lyrics to make them work the way you hear them now.

Would you say Warring is the most accessible album due some of the track that aren’t long and epic??
I don’t think the accessibility of this record is limited just the shortening of the song lengths. When we went into record Warring we knew we wanted something that you didn’t have to listen to 50 times to “get.” We wanted to create layers and one goal was to have songs that you could attach to after just one listen. We chose to work with Tom McFall because he is a bit of a pop-tart at heart and we knew he would help us shape these songs and our new sound. Who says it’s not epic? I think it is epic.

What is your favorite track on Warring?
Close To Me. I’m really happy with how the track-listing turned out and we wanted to open with that song long before we went into the studio. It has always been my jam.

Now here is my review on Warring.
This is definitely their strongest album to date.
A mix of indie rock with some added art and atmospheric sound and feeling to it.
The band is pushing their artistic and musical boundaries to what to convey and represent in their music.

Best tracks:

  • Close To Me
  • Hunting
  • Horses Fell
  • The River
  • 747s
  • Muzzle Blast

I’d give it 10/10.