RBC Ottawa Bluesfest [July 13, 2019]

Second last day of RBC Ottawa Bluesfest.
On day 9 of the festival, luckily the big headliners didn’t get cancelled due to the so called severe storm.
Instead it was delayed for awhile and it was definitely a blast for those in attendance.
Started off the day with Toronto R&B/Soul singer Del Hartley.
While waiting for him to go on stage, there was a 10 minute DJ set.
The singer who was on CTV’s The Launch did a wonderful performance of R&B/Soul music. 8/10.
Calgary hip-hop duo Cartel Madras got things moving with their music.
Wasn’t aware that they were recently signed to Sub Pop Records.
So this is an act to see down the road. 8/10.
Caught parts of Sly High with their high energy of R&B, Soul, Funk and Blues reminisced from the late 60s/early 70s dance music.
Caught parts of Yuka, another big band that was filled with Funk and Soul music.
The Sorority killed it on stage with their enpowering rap and hip-hop music. 8/10.
K’Naan played and it was a decent set.
But his set was cut short due to the warning of the storm that the city was going to get.
I wasn’t sure if he did sing Wavin’ Flag? (Wouldn’t be surprised if he was happy not to sing it). 6/10.
Since I interview U.N. Jefferson on No Filter on July 1, 2019.
I had to check out his set and boy was the band insanely good with soul and funk.
Ajay even went into the crowds to get people singing. 8/10.
Surprise surprise the storm ended and Wu-Tang Clan went on stage.
Everyone went wild probably since the storm ended and wanted the show to go on.
Definitely quite a set! 8/10.
Pussy Riot definitely made a splash on the Bluesville stage.
The dance-punk activist act put on an audio-visual and performance dancers wearing neon balaclavas.
While the band members had their face cover, the lead singer Nadya Tolokonnikova was the only one whose face wasn’t covered.
Felt like something Grimes would do but not edgy and political. 7/10.
Ending the night was no other than Snoop Dogg.
Exciting as it was, it was felt the same old, same old show that he did 5 years ago.
But still an entertaining set and what I heard from people that he went way pass the curfew.
I wonder how much the festival will have to pony up for the noise bylaw curfew. 8/10.
Check out the photos.

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