RBC Ottawa Bluesfest [July 14, 2019]

After 10 days of RBC Ottawa Bluesfest.
The big finale was no other than the Backstreet Boys.
While I didn’t get approved to photograph them but it was one hell of a spectacular show.
Ottawa was the first of their 7 Canadian stops for their DNA tour.
It was one of those concerts where you have to be with friends or strangers and have a fun time to their music.
Nostalgia kicked in singing out loud to Get Down (You’re the One for Me), Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely, Shape of My Heart, Quit Playing Games (With My Heart), As Long As You Love Me, I’ll Never Break Your Heart and I Want It That Way.
While I felt their hits was short since they were trying to cram in 2 hours worth of music.
Definitely a big way to close the 25th edition of the festival. 9/10.
If you want to see the photos from their set, go to Sean Sisk‘s site (Hopefully they will be up).
Now getting back to others who performed at the festival.
Started off with Ottawa’s Kyle Ivan performing a singer/songwriter folk pop set. 6/10.
Caught a few songs in the Barney Danson Theatre for Mia Kelly.
Truly a talented emerging musician that will surely blossom. 7/10.
Vi was alright on the City Stage with her contemporary R&B and alt-pop music. 6/10.
Soul blues musician Sugaray Rayford had everyone excited at the Videotron stage.
Literally got people shaking like what god gave you to his music.
Being backed up from musicians who played with Allan Parsons Project to Amy Winehouse.
This was definitely was missing at Bluesfest. 8/10.
Francesco Yates had a nice stage presence and had a high energy on his pop music performance. 7/10.
To counter program for the parents who weren’t into or let them see Backstreet Boys.
Headlining Videotron stage was classic rockers America.
They packed the area with their classic soft pop folk and rock music that people who grew up listening to enjoyed it. 7/10.
Check out the photos.


  1. Mia Kelly

    Thank you for the sweet pictures and review! Really appreciate it. Would it be okay if I put one of these pictures up on my website to make them downloadable for future press/gigs/opportunities?

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