RBC Bluesfest 2021 [September 23, 2021]

The second week of the Ottawa Fall Festivals and it was RBC Ottawa Bluesfest‘s turn for September 23, 2021.
Despite the wet weather, I was excited for the first night’s line-up which had Half Moon Run, Tokyo Police Club, Aysanabee and Lauryn MacFarlane.
Kicking off was folk pop musician Lauryn MacFarlane.
Lovely acoustic set for the upcoming singer-songwriter. 7/10.
RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2021 [Day 1]
Second to perform was Aysanabee who did a great solo guitar pop rocking set. 7/10.
RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2021 [Day 1]
Third was Tokyo Police Club and at that time more people showed up and didn’t care about the rain.
I’ve seen them so many times and it was an exciting alternative pop rocking set.
I guess with the pandemic it was great to see them and hear the hits! 8/10.
RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2021 [Day 1]
Then ending things was Half Moon Run.
At that time the rain was pouring hard but the performance made for good pictures.
Performing an alternative-rock set for the masses that braved the rain.
I didn’t stay too long since I was drenched but a wonderful Thursday night of live music. 7/10
RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2021 [Day 1]
Check out the gallery.

Overall Day 1 of Bluesfest gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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