RBC Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 [Day 7]

A mix bag of music genre from hipster indie folk pop and alternative at the River Stage to LGTBQ on the main stage for Day 7 of RBC Ottawa Bluesfest.
The Seattle band Fleet Foxes was the big draw for Friday night but they happened to play at the River Stage.
They should have played the Main stage since it was literally crowded and hard to get through.
All I have to say when I was in the photo-pit for the first three songs, I was choked up when the band started with Sun Giant from their 2008 EP.
Wish I stayed longer but it was a highlight for Friday night.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Rich Aucoin as always put on a fun energetic show at the SiriusXM stage.
At least I returned and had fun under the parachute.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Allison Russell was the second act at the River Stage.
Having missed her out at Pop Montreal last year, I finally caught her lovely set of Americana folk and pop set.
I wasn’t aware that she was born in Montreal!
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Fletcher at the main stage.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Ottawa’s Pony Girl was the first band to perform at the River Stage.
Played materials from Enny One Wil Love You and previewed some tracks from their upcoming album Laff It Off.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Amanda Jordan at the main stage kicking Friday off.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
Caught a few songs of Charlotte Cardin and I was meh about it.
Also the reason why she had the main stage is because Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in attendance.
Ottawa Bluesfest 2023 - Day 7
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