Review: Day 3 of i(heart)music Festival

The final night of the i(heart)music festival took place on August 22nd at Cafe Dekcuf.
I missed out Day 2 of the festival in which I let my brother do my dirty work of interview the bands that played.
On Saturday the bands that played were:
On Bodies
On Bodies @ Cafe Dekcuf
Giant Hand
Giant Hand @ Cafe Dekcuf
Black Hat Brigade
Black Hat Brigade @ Cafe Dekcuf
The Lovely Feathers (Which I happened to miss out)

On Bodies is a trio from Montreal.
Their music is indie alternative rock with abit of new wave.
I had to say they blew me away.
They were very fun and energetic.
Surprised alot of people were there just to see them.
A band that you should definitely need to check out.
On Bodies @ Cafe Dekcuf
Giant Hand who I’ve covered alot on this site.
All I can say is that he is improving alot with the live shows in Ottawa.
He added a loop machine and he had abit of a dancey track to sing.
The last song which I don’t know the name seemed to be very intense and angry.
At least he is getting passionate with his music.
Giant Hand @ Cafe Dekcuf
Black Hat Brigade another band which I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen them.
Not sure if you listened to the interview, you can see what kind of band they are.
They are always great to see live.
Love seeing the band minus the drummer alternate instruments.
Black Hat Brigade @ Cafe Dekcuf
They sang:

  • Kitchen Party
  • Limbo (Which they mentioned that the song was about Cocaine)
  • Lost Boys
  • Vera
  • Pictorial History
  • Castlevania
  • Zombie City Shake
  • Signal Fire (Another song dedicated to Cocaine *listen to the interview*)

Go get their EPs

Sadly I didn’t get a chance to see The Lovely Feathers due to being late.

But this ends off a great summer for Canadian Indie bands.
Great job.

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