Review: Lily Allen – It's Not Me, It's You

It’s Not Me, It’s You is the title of Lily Allen‘s new album.
The titles in my opinion is an easy excuse for breaking up with someone or not wanting to deal with someone.
For Lily Allen she wants to tell the whole world that she can’t deal with all the stuff in her life.
After three years since her debut albumAlright, Still“, Lily is back in action with this sophomore effort.
I’ve been a fan of Lily‘s music since her debut song “Smile”.
With a young artist like her, there is seem to be alot of scrutiny from the media.
I am really enjoying this album.
Gone are the 2-Step, Garage (the British way of saying it) sound.
Also gone is Mark Ronson producing this album.
It was stated that Lily wanted to take a new direction and move out of the retro-classic sound that made Mr.Ronson famous.

But she still has that witty, tongue and cheek lyrics like in the track like Never Gonna Happen and F**k You

The album has more of that pop electro-dancey feel to it.
Lily has made this album very personal and it shows it from tracks like Everyone’s At It, The Fear Who’d Have Known.

The track Not Fair has that western sound to it which kind of feels a little awkward but it will get me a few listens to like it.

There is a softer sound in tracks like Who’d Have Known and Him.

Never Gonna Happen has that klezmer mixed with the chirpy pop sound.

With this new album you can tell that Lily is growing up as a person and wants to be taken seriously with her music and not her personal life.

Happy that I pre-ordered the iTunes version since I got two bonus tracks which is the acoustic version of The Fear and He Wasn’t There

Best tracks: 

  • Everyone’s At It 
  • The Fear 
  • Back to the Start (My favorite after the Fear) 
  • F**k You 
  • Who’d Have Known 
  • He Wasn’t There.

Big fan of Lily so buy this album.
Its a new direction that she has taken in this new album.


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