Review of Sigur Rós @ Scotiabank Place [March 29, 2013]

Sigur Rós @ Scotiabank Place
I didn’t shoot the show but it was amazing to experience their music!!

I wasn’t expecting on going to this concert on March 29th.
But thanks to a friend who had connections, I got to see Sigur Rós play at Ottawa’s Scotiabank Place.
The last time the band played in Ottawa was 2005 at Bronson Centre.
That was a show you couldn’t miss back then.
Now jump ahead to 2013 with six albums under their belt and a seventh album going to drop on June 13th.
The band has gotten bigger and playing to bigger venues.
(I didn’t get to shoot since I was sitting but I was happy to attend the show anyways! So bear with me on this review!)

My friend and I decided to cab it.
When we got there it was kind of weird to see a big venue with alot of scattered people around.
From what I read, about 3000 people attended the concert.
Besides being excited for the concert, it wasn’t what I was expecting on the turnout but nice to see people I knew there.
A big social gathering from the Ottawa indie music scene!
Got there during Tim Hecker‘s set.
I was kind of excited to hear him but with the adrenaline and excitement for Sigur Ros was kicking in.
Considering Tim’s music has been a critic’s darling and buzz on the blogosphere.
I wasn’t getting into his music.
It was ambient but didn’t had that kick to it.
Couldn’t see him with the white curtains behind him.
Felt bad being kind of a chatter box to my friend and needing a drink.
Maybe next time I will hopefully catch a proper Tim Hecker set.
Sigur Rós @ Scotiabank Place
After a drink, the show finally started!
The band started off with a new track from Kveikur.
For the first two songs the band was behind the curtains.
Wasn’t until the second song the curtains went down and the audience went wild.
Reminded me from the scene in Zhang Yimou’s Hero when the curtains drops in slow motion.
Sigur Rós @ Scotiabank Place
It was a emotional and intimate experience hearing them play Vaka (Untitled #1), Glósóli, Hoppípolla/Með blóðnasir, Sæglópur and Varúð
I cried a few times just listening them play the songs!

Surprisingly enough they didn’t play any material from Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (With a Buzz in Our Ears We Play Endlessly) and bummed out that they didn’t play Dauðalogn from Valtari.
That song I would have cried like a baby. 😛
The band preview some new tracks from Kveikur which has more of a loud, agressive and heavy sound.
Think of it as Icelandic Radiohead.
Here is the music video to the new songs they played live.

Despite being at Scotiabank Place.
The NAC would have been a better venue (for those who want to sit, like me).
Overall it was one of the best concerts in 2013.
Thank you Catherina!!!

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