U2 – No Line On The Horizon (Review)

Finally got the long awaited twelfth album by U2 called No Line On The Horizon.
Its late night so I might revise this later in the day when I get a chance to fully listen to this album.
U2 being one of the biggest band in the world.

Would have to say the album sounds musically bigger and a grand production than previous albums.
The album feels like their old album Achtung Baby.

The track Unknown Caller is a epic rocking sound.
Of course with the leading single Get On Your Boots which U2 is rocking out like crazy.

Its a different sound unlike How To Dismantle an Atomic and All That You Can Leave Behind.
Its a mix of new and old U2 sounds.

They have slower tracks like White as Snow and Cedars Of Lebanon.
Interesting to see four tracks that go pass the five minute mark.

With the Deluxe Edition (Pre-Order) from iTunes.
I got two bonus tracks which is a different version of No Line On The Horizon and the Crookers Remix of Get On Your Boots which I really like.

I think its good that they want to chart different territories with their music.
To be daring but not turn off their hardcore fans which happened with their album POP (Which I think is a great album and was misunderstood).
Favorite tracks:

Its still amazes me that U2 is still together and make this nice melodic album.
Give me a few more listens and hopefully I will enjoy this album.
And another album is coming out very soon in 2009.


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