Rich Aucoin and Taylor Knox @ The Blacksheep Inn

Hadn’t been to the Blacksheep Inn in a long time.
When I heard that Rich Aucoin was going to perform, there was no way I wouldn’t want to miss it.
Thank goodness I found a friend who was willing to drive up and totally have a blast with his music!
Taylor Knox @ The Blacksheep Inn
Taylor Knox started off the show with his indie alternative music.
Accompanied by Liam Jaeger (ex-The Balconies) on drums and Aaron Harvey.
Playing materials from his 2017 album Love and previewing a new material.
Rich joined in a few songs on keyboard.
Nice set by the Toronto musician. 8/10.
Rich Aucoin @ The Blacksheep Inn
Rich Aucoin @ The Blacksheep Inn
Then the big moment came with Rich!
Of course I’ve seen him so many times and it is always a blast dancing and singing out loud to this music!
Accompanied by Taylor Knox’s band for the show.
No new materials he preview besides the only tracks from the 2018 EP Hold which he played Release.
The fun bangers like Four More Years, Push, Brian Wilson is A.L.I.V.E., Undead and It!
Confetti, parachute and lots of fun interactions with the audience, what more can you ask for?! 10/10.

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