Roberta Bondar – The Mistakes [Listen/Download]

Roberta Bondar @ Babylon Nightclub
I wasn’t aware that the Ottawa band Roberta Bondar has finally released a studio track.
The track is called The Mistakes which was released on Bruised Tongue‘s Ottawa Explosion mixtape called Afterburners Vol. 1.
Apparently the physical copies sold out in minutes during Ottawa Explosion.
Fear not you can get it digitally on their site.
Or if you want this song, it is available to download on their Soundcloud.

In case you don’t know, the band consist of:

The song is about five minutes of experimental rock pop music.
Seems to be more Alex Maltby centric in this song with Lidija singing in parts of the song.
Since their live shows, Lidija does alot of the singing.
Still a great tune from a up and coming band.
Hopefully they will release more songs in the future.
Have a listen to The Mistakes.
The Mistakes by robertabondar

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