Rob Moose – Wasted feat. Phoebe Bridgers [Music Video]

Recently New York City musician Rob Moose dropped the music video for Wasted which features Phoebe Bridgers.
The second single is taken from the upcoming EP called Inflorescence which comes out on August 11, 2023 via Sony Masterworks.
A beautiful orchestral classical pop tune.

About the track:
Here’s a quote from Phoebe on her working relationship with Rob:
Rob is my son. That’s an inside joke but there is a deeper connection we share musically which resembles being blood related.
And one from Rob on their current collaboration:
“Wasted” came my way in 2019. I first started to tinker with it on a retreat to Orcas Island, with snow out the window and no helpful instruments nearby. Progress came slowly, but I managed to arrange and record what felt like a rough demo of the first verse and chorus before flying home. When I opened up the song again in New York, I felt like the song was ready for a major shift. I kept working on it in bursts and stepping away, a process that was new for me. Hundreds of hours and several hiatuses later, Phoebe resang the vocal, and “Wasted” began its new life.
And a quote from director Peter Cerrito on the creation of the video:
Creating the music video for “Wasted” was an exercise in spontaneity. In my first three months in Los Angeles I found myself living with Phoebe’s bandmate in Silverlake. Once she left for tour I moved into a new house and met my roommate Caden, who is a video editor and his best friend Sam, a cinematographer. Within a day of our initial meeting I had pitched the idea of putting tooth gems on an 82 year old woman and rearranging our living room into a production studio. 72 hours later the video was shot. My directorial debut: no budget, makeup wipes and stickers.

Wasted gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.