Rock ‘N’ Roll Xmas Party @ Babylon Nightclub [December 23, 2011]

It was the night before Christmas Eve.
Decided to hit up Babylon Nightclub.
Just remembered that the people who ran the show did it last year.
There were three Ottawa bands that played.
Silkken Laumann
Silkken Laumann @ Babylon Nightclub
Uranium Comeback
Uranium Comeback @ Babylon Nightclub
Male Nurse Band
Male Nurse Band @ Babylon Nightclube

Male Nurse band started off the set.
This was my first time to see Davey play with a backing band.
I’m so used with solo acoustic Male Nurse.
Man it was a fun indie garage rock set.
Male Nurse Band @ Babylon Nightclube
Next was Uranium Comeback.
They rocked it out with their set.
Ian Manhire of The White Wires and Steve Adamyk were in this band.
Enjoyed their set.
Uranium Comeback @ Babylon Nightclub
Lastly it was Silkken Laumann’s turn to go up.
Things got very dancey.
Third time seeing them this year.
Rolf came on singing with his Parka on.
Silkken Laumann @ Babylon Nightclub
They are getting better, their music had more boom and beats than before.
I couldn’t stop dancing to their music.
Lidija of Roberta Bondar came up and sang on their song “House of Common Problems” (Drops on Jan 4, 2012).

Here is a preview.

Not sure how long the band played because I had to catch the bus in the wintery cold.

Overall it was great show.
Here are the photos.

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