Sally Decker – Affirmation Pt. II [Listen]

This might be an artist that would be featured on my favorite radio show KEXP’s Pacific Notions.
Today, Oakland California artist Sally Decker dropped the single called Affirmation Pt. II featuring Briana Marela and Emily Cardwell.
The third single is taken from second album called In The Tender Dream which comes out on August 13, 2021 via NNA Tapes.
A unique experimental ambient and spoken word track.

About the track:
“Affirmation Pt. II” is a track about the drama and messiness of relating to another person, but also the joy and magic of falling in love.

Bringing Emily and Briana into the process of this piece quickly became devoted to notating the delivery, musicality, and tone of the reading of the text.

The musical result and the collaborative process echo many of the themes the words touch on: mirroring, alignments and misalignments in processes of relating, and the expansive depths that can come from two people creating a singular space together.

Affirmation Pt.II gets:

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