Sarah Hallman (Review)

I finally got a chance to listen to Sarah Hallman‘s self-titled album.
I’ve attended to some of the shows where she has opened up and she just has an amazing voice when she sings live.
Sarah Hallman - Sarah Hallman

Heard through the grapevine that she does guest vocals on the new Octoberman album coming soon.
Probably worked with some of the Ottawa artist/bands.
Going to give her some promo or shout out so whoever reads this can get to know her music.
I know she is going to read this. As I will say in a faux British accent, “Big Brother is watching”.
It is going to be a nice glowing review so don’t worry.

Its a folk-country album and I rarely listen to that stuff.
But I will classify as “indie pop” just to be hip and cool to my listening style.

Listening to the whole album I was impress.
She almost sounds like Kathleen Edwards but without the potty mouth/swearing.
Very easy to listen to and has this wintery feeling. Maybe since I was on the bus today listening to the whole album while trying to find a Halloween costume and we just had a winter storm.

Some tracks of the album has those new love, old love, lost love or broken love like Show The Loving.
Wintery tracks like Snowballin’ and Shovel 
There are mellow tracks like Forget You, Sadness and Entangle
While there are vibrant and catchy tracks like Snowballin’, I Will Not Sing and When It Comes Down.

Favorite tracks:

  • Snowballin’ 
  • Forget You
  • When It All Comes Down

Its a great album and go see her live if you can.

Noticed on the linear notes in the album, that Jeremy Gara does drums on the album.
Just had a heartattack reading it. Would say she is kind of connected to The Arcade Fire.
Wouldn’t be surprised she did meet the members.

Anyways go check out her stuff 

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