Sauna – Only Luck [Music Video]

Today the Toronto band Sauna which comprises of Michael le Riche (Fake Palms), Zach Bines (Weaves) and Braeden Craig (Greys) dropped the trippy music video for Only Luck.
Only Luck and Modernization is taken from their long awaited debut album Dose Yourself which comes out on May 27, 2022.
A fun indie disco-pop rock new wave vibe tune.

About the tracks:
“Only Luck is an experiment in blending the influences of Giorgio Moroder, the landscape of gritty 80’s New York, and Elvis Presley’s inclination towards classic heartbreak crooning. Is everything a conscious decision or is it all really just luck and chance?”

The video for “Only Luck” was created by Justis Krar of IMMV Productions. “The visuals reflect both the luck and hard work that goes into a relationship”, says Justis. “Two souls who are powerless to the magnetic pull of falling in and out of love. Disorienting shifting colors and images juxtaposed with a lifetime of love lost in luck.”

“Modernisation is inspired by early hip-hop pioneers like Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash”, says Michael. “Their use of drum machines has been talked about over and over again, but I loved their use of synth stabs and ascending string lines and I wanted to pay homage to that. Thematically it questions instant gratification vs long term debilitation. Is something worth doing if it feels good now if the future will be less vivid? But what if we’re not around in the future anyway?”

Only Luck + Modernization gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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