SIDE BY SIDE Weekend 2019! [Day 3]

A totally insane Day 3 of Side By Side Weekend 2019.
Started off with a matinee show at Off Peak Green Barn.
Performing there was:
Deja Vu who is a new band that plays indie garage pop rock a-la Velvet Underground. 8/10.
Shuteye from Halifax performed a post-rock emo-ish alternative music. Got to love the trumpet during their set! 7/10.
The Monotymes performed a nice alternative pop set of their catchy music. 7/10.
Ending things at the matinee show was no other than Bonnie Doon.
Great indie surfer-rock garage punk music. 8/10.
After the matinee show there was a early basement show at Black Squirrel Books & Espresso Bar.
Started off with Halifax’s Goldbloom with their indie garage punk pop music. 7/10.
I was impressed with Toronto’s Feels Fine.
A blend of indie alternative pop punk with some added sadness music that feels Toronto. 8/10.
Montreal’s Weird Star was another great band to see live.
Consist of members from BBQT and it was a great indie power pop punk music. 8/10.
Ending the basement show was Ottawa’s Jon Creeden and the Flying Hellfish.
Exciting punk and rock set that had people singing outloud or actually join in on the mic. 8/10.
The big night at Black Squirrel Books had more of a garage alternative pop rock bill of bands.
Started off with Ottawa’s Sleep Late.
They were a last minute replacement because Future Girls had to cancel.
Performed a great post-punk rock set. 7/10.
The Thrill totally thrilled the audience with their alternative punk rock music.
Also nice pigtails by the lead singer. 7/10.
Panic Attack from Quebec City performed a loud punk rock set that had that 90s throwback vibe. 7/10.
Montreal’s BBQT ended off with a wonderful power pop and catchy singalong set that filled up the place. 8/10.
The big night at House of Targ was definitely loud, heavy and messing up my ears and mind.
Ultra Love started off the show with their heavy and loud post-punk screamo set. 7/10.
Two piece act They Grieve, literally had my eyes wide open with their drone/gloom and metal screamo music. 6/10.
Halifax’s Botfly was literally loud and noise rock set. 7/10.
Toronto’s Respire was everything post-whatever.
Mix of orchestral-rock, screamo and loudness. 7/10.
Ending things was the long awaited reunion by Bondar!
It’s been 5 years since they performed live together.
It was purely a wonderful loud experimental rock set and bought alot of memories. 8/10.
This was quite a Saturday that I experienced!
Check out the photos.


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