Second Night of Paper Bag Records 10th Anniversary Concert [Review]

Paper Bag Records is celebrating their 10th anniversary being into the Canadian Music scene.
With that, they are celebrating it with three nights of shows at the Great Hall.
Forgot to mention that each acts played about 30-45 minutes set

Show started off with Slim Twig.
Played a unique set of weird experimental pop-rock.
Accompanied by a projection of images by Meg of US Girls.
Slim Twig played mostly tracks on the new album “Sof’ Sike”.
At the end played a long epic song and just wild and took his shirt off.
It was a crazy set for starting off night two.

Second was Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.
You can say this the second week in a row that I saw them.
I was excited to see what they had to offer for PBR 10th Anniversary.
It felt like the condensed version of Act 2 of the rock opera that was featured at Pop Montreal.
Overwhelmed when they played the new song that was in the rock opera.
That song was called At Atlantis /// Whale Song. It was (in my opinion) reminiscent of late 90s/early 2000s J-Rock music from the likes of X-Japan.
The whole set was mostly new tracks with the exception of Queens.
Still a brilliant set to experience.

Third was PS I Love You.
By that time the Great Hall was packed.
Nice to see a lot people for their set.
Of course they played a loud rocking set.
Couldn’t help rock out to their music.
In part Paper Bag’s 10th Anniversary, Ben the drummer did something out of the norm.
He sang and it was the David Bowie cover.
I think whenever they record the third album, Ben should do more singing.
It was absolutely amazing.

Fourth was Cuff The Duke.
It’s been awhile that I have seen them live.
It is also a coincidence that it is the band’s 10 years on being together.
With that their first album is available on vinyl for the first time.
They played a mix of new and old tracks.
I was kind of bummed that Basia Bulat was there. Since she is in Europe touring.
On the new album Basia sings on two songs.
But the band put on a great set of indie folk-country rock pop music.

Lastly the Rural Alberta Advantage was the final band to play night two of the event. It was 1am but people survived it out just to see them.
All I have to say that they put on a tight and spectacular set.
They didn’t preview any new stuff yet.
But they did do a David Bowie cover that is part of the PBR 10
Compilation of Paper Bag Records act covering David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust.
It was an amazing set the RAA put on and I never got sick of them.

Overall it was a fun Friday at the Great Hall for PBR10.
Two down, one more to go.
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