Sham Family – EP [Streaming]

Today the Toronto band Sham Family dropped their self-titled debut EP which is out on Wavy Haze Records (Born Ruffians own music label).
Four tracks of heavy dark post-punk 80s Brit-rock vibe music.

About the EP:
EP is the directed ramblings of what we’re witnessing and what we’re passionate about. Whether it be interpersonal or societal issues, it’s our way of spilling the anxieties of our lives.

This project has always kind of been my baby that I was always working on because I always needed to be working on some sort of music when I wasn’t working in other bands, and it’s gone through so many stages of its life.

It started as just a four-track cassette-recorder wall-of-noise shoegaze project.
Then it was gonna be this industrial-noise side-project thing that I just could not wait to unleash upon the world. – frontman Kory Ross
Sham Family EP gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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