Shapes and Sizes with Braids and Modern Wolf @ Zaphods

Its my first show post Ottawa Bluesfest.
Went to Zaphod Beeblebrox to see two bands live.
It was part of the Pop Montreal tour and promote their music festival that happens in the first week of October.
The bands that played were:

I am guessing that people are kind of broke from Ottawa Bluesfest.
Or there was another show happened at Babylon which was Kurt Vile.
It was kind of small turnout but a great intimate show.

Modern Wolf started off the set.
They are a Ottawa band.
Their music is indie rock.
Lead singer is very talented.

Braids who I was very eager to see live.
They showed up late and they didn’t do a sound check.
So it took them awhile to get their gear setup.
Sadly the band got to play three songs.
But they were amazing three songs to hear live.

Shapes and Sizes had to shorten their set too.
I wasn’t aware that they had a new album out.
It was a great set.
Their new material sounds abit different.
Probably Caila got some influence from Think About Life.
Didn’t expect them to sing Head Movin’ as their last song.

Overall it was great to see Braids and Shapes and Sizes.
It wasn’t the right venue for them to play due to the 11pm curfew for club night.
Hopefully next time they find a better venue and let the band play abit longer.
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