Shapes In Between by Norman Takeuchi – A Retrospective @ OAG

Tomorrow will be Ottawa Art Gallery‘s Spring Exhibition Opening 2023.
Last week I went and checked out Shapes In Between by Norman Takeuchi – A Retrospective.
It is a big exhibition showcasing his works.
There was so much to photograph and picked the ones that I really like.

About the exhibition:
This retrospective exhibition highlights the work of Ottawa-based artist Norman Takeuchi. Together, an array of drawings, paintings, and prints spanning the years 1961 to 2022 demonstrate the continuity of his artistic rigour. These works also make known the artist’s personal engagement with the impact of the Japanese Canadian internment and forced dispersal during World War II, and ultimate acceptance of his cultural heritage.

Arranged thematically, the works in the exhibition reveal the artist’s variety of subject and technique, yet also demonstrate a continuity of recurring motifs, technique, and material. Takeuchi’s use of abstract painting, first learned at the Vancouver School of Art in the late 1950s, is a constant. Another is his use of a collage-like aesthetic throughout his compositions, such as combining the minimalist lines of Pop art with gestural abstract forms. His skills in drawing and graphic art are persistently present. This exhibition reveals for the first time examples from his little-known graphic art career. He worked as a graphic designer at Expo 67 in Montreal and Expo 70 in Osaka, and then at the Canadian Museum of Natural Sciences (now the Canadian Museum of Nature) for several decades.

The exhibition runs until August 27, 2023.
Check out the gallery.

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