Show Review: BC Scene @ Babylon

I went to the second last night of the BC Scene.
The acts that played on Saturday night were Videotape, Immaculate Machine and You Say Party! We Say Die!
Videotape @ Babylon
I was happy to see two of my favorite bands from BC to play Ottawa for the BC Scene.
Apparently Videotape was a last minute replacement for Japandroids because one of the members is ill (No not the Swine Flu).
Of course they aren’t from BC but Adam Saikaley did say on the stage that he did live in BC for six months.
Videotape was the first band to play on the stage.
I’ve seen them alot now when they have a show in Ottawa.
I missed them play a few weeks ago at the Avant Garde Bar.
They always put on a great show on the stage.
At least they have a network/connections if they decide to play in BC.
Can’t wait to see them play again at Babylon when they open up for Think About Life on May 23rd.

Immaculate Machine @ BabylonImmaculate Machine came on the stage. I haven’t seen them play since last March.
The line up has changed, Brooke now has his sister in the band and two other new members.
Missing was Kathryn Calder because she had to look after a family member back home and couldn’t do the tour.
Also Luke is not in the band anymore.
They were here in support for the BC Scene and promote their new album “High On Jackson Hill”.
I guess the only thing missing was the keyboards, since it was very guitar driven set.
But I really loved their set very much.
Mostly sang off from the new album.
I actually loved hearing Sound The Alarms and Only Love You For Your Car.
Still had that Immaculate Machine happy sound.
The encore they sang was Dear Confessor (I still like the Mandarin version).
Amazing set and love Brooke telling stories about where he lives in BC and something about stabbings.

You Say Party! We Say Die! @ BabylonFinally You Say Party! We Say Die! came on.
They bring out alot of fun and energy with their set.
I just danced away and love hearing their music.
They sang about four new songs from what I was told.
Happy to see them again, last time I saw them was last September.
Something about their music just lets you go and dance away your troubles.
Happy that the last song they played was “Like I Give A Care”
Can’t wait for their new album whenever that is going to be out.

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