C.R. Avery @ NAC 4th Stage

OCFF: C.R. Avery
Taken at OCFF on October of 2008.

Through word of mouth on Septh 10, 2009. I didn’t even know he was in Ottawa.
I found out that C.R. Avery was playing a show in Ottawa at the NAC’s 4th Stage.
It was a very nice intimate show he did.
With the tables surrounding it, felt like some cool bluesy show with beatbox-rapping.
I thought he would have his band Legal Tender String Quartet but it was just him doing a solo show.
Mentioned that it would cost alot to have them tour around.
Surprised with his talents besides doing the beatboxing.
He can play the piano, harmonica and did a number with a banjo guitar.
What was very amazing was he did some slam poetry.
I didn’t know he was a poet.
Favorite when he did his poem “Pierre Elliott Trudeau”.

I had a great time with his songs.
There were alot of f-bombs dropping but it really didn’t matter.
The audience really loved his music.
People of all ages were in attendance, even some kids were there. (Not really sure if the mom was shocked by all the swearing?)

My favorite part after he did folk singer song. He asked what songs he should sing.
Someone yelled out Fraser River and he was kind of confused but it was apparently the song “Door By The River”.
Loved it when he got everyone up on their feet for that song.

His music and poetry is so real to listen live. I think you should go out and see him perform live.
Off to listen to his album “The Great Canadian Novel”.
He will be back in February.


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