Show Review: First Annual Indie Rock Holiday Party

Attended to this show and support Ottawa talent.
With the bus strike still happening.
Still didn’t dampen the holiday spirits.
The turn out was good but what can you do with horrible circumstance with public transit.
On to the review.

Overall I had a fun time at the show.
Besides seeing all the bands before, which I can’t keep count.
Its worth it just to support them and just have a fun time.
Would been nice if any of the bands sing some holiday tunes.
Be alot of work (apparently) to sing Christmas tracks.

First to play were The Balconies.
They are always great when putting on a show.
Jacquie, Stephen and Liam bring lots of chemistry on stage.
And lots of sophisticated stage presence.
The Balconies
Second was Amos The Transparent.
They were alright this time.
More rockier and loud than I saw them play i(heart)music festival.
Nice stuff by this band.
Amos The Transparent
Third was Brights.
Energetic and fun.
Lots of indie rock goodness.
Lastly was The Love Machine
They sure liven the crowds despite being small.
Still amazing when they play live.
Catchy pop and rock/alternative tunes
The Love Machine
Overall great show despite the stupid bus strike.
Wasn’t rowdy as what I would expect at a AA/19+ show.
I just hope 2009 will bring them something new or more fans to see them live or listen to their music.

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