Show Review: Liar's Rosebush @ Mercury Lounge

Who would have thought that people actually came out to the Mercury Lounge and danced wholeheartedly to dance music.
People would say it was a club night, others say a “rave” night.
I like to call it a hipster club rave night without all the excessive plastic toys and bright colors.
Well the place was 19+ so it was more a mature affair.

Last night I went to the Mercury Lounge to help support Liar’s Rosebush (aka Matt Rosen) CD Release show.
Liar’s Rosebush‘s new album is called “Thank-You Machines!”
Mostly it was great show because it was only $5 to get in.

Others that were playing were:
DJ Obsidian
Boyscout Killers (which I missed out after Rosebush ended)

When I got in, there was this art installation made of clear tape.
Looked very much like a spider-web which felt abit creepy, attached to it was laser lights.
Made it look very cool looking.
There was also a cool video show upstairs.
It was very trippy seeing that stuff on the screen.

I think the DJ was Obsidian, he kind of opened up the show.
DJ set @ Mercury Lounge
His music had lots of fun beats with a beat of asian influenced sounds.

Hi-Comm was the only act that wasn’t really techno-y.
More of a rock band but they added pH who is a electronica artist into the mix.
It was a fun set, would have danced more but I would look like an idiot since all the people were just standing.
I didn’t know that someone I know was in this band.
Great start up to the night for Hi-Comm.
Hi-Comm @ Mercury LoungeHi-Comm @ Mercury LoungeHi-Comm @ Mercury LoungeHi-Comm @ Mercury Lounge
After them it was a solo set for pH.
It was a fun time for his set.
Like the “Speak and Spell” that was in his set.
Liar's Rosebush @ Mercury Lounge

Rosebush finally came on.
Liar's Rosebush @ Mercury Lounge
Like his equipment he had, whatever those square buttons suppose to do.
Liar's Rosebush @ Mercury Lounge
He had a mix of every genre like techno, trance, DnB, jungle and mashup.
My favorite was he did a remix of M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”
I enjoyed it alot.
Liar's Rosebush @ Mercury Lounge
Overall I was surprised being on a Tuesday night that people did showed up in support for Rosebush’s CD Release party.
Considering Tuesday is sort of a bad night to do a show well unless you are Leonard Cohen and do a two night sold out show at the NAC.
Totally had a fun time and I should try and listen to Rosebush’s CD.


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