Stars and Think About Life @ Bronson Centre

I decided on a spur of the moment and watch Stars play the 2nd night show in Ottawa.
I didn’t go for the first sold out show because I went to see Two Hours Traffic instead.

The second night wasn’t packed or totally sold out because mostly alot of people went to the first night and probably didn’t want to see them again.
It was more a laid back and abit intimate show.
On to the show.
The first opening act was Think About Life.
They surely rocked the set.
From what I heard, I talked to 2 girls who went the night before and said they didn’t like the opener because it was a country set and it wasn’t the right mood for Stars fan.

Think About Life got everyone moving up to the stage and some people dancing.

Then waiting like 30 minutes, Stars finally came out.
Beginning track was probably Maintenance Hall, 4AM from the Sad Robots EP.
So nice and dreamy that track.
They sang like their every hits.
The ones that they didn’t was Personal, In Our Bedroom After The War and 14 Forever.
Mostly they sang 5 of the 6 songs from the Sad Robots EP.
They did the usual throwing the flowers to the audience.
Glad I didn’t get hit in the face.
I enjoyed seeing Stars for the fourth time.
Stars @ Bronson CentreStars @ Bronson Centre

After the show, I waited at the back to see if any of the members of Stars will come
Mostly all but Chris came out.
Such nice people
Amy Millan mentioned that she will be doing her second solo album.
Amy fans will be pleased to hear that.
Torq and Amy remembered me and i was like “whoa”!