Show Review: The Balconies excitement at The Blacksheep Inn

The Blacksheep Inn was rocking it on September 12th!
Playing were:
Leif Vollebekk
Leif Vollebekk @ The Blacksheep Inn
Whale Tooth
Whale Tooth @ The Blacksheep Inn
The Balconies
The Balconies @ The Blacksheep Inn

I’ve seen all three bands before.
It was special fun night because it was the Balconies CD Release show.
A great album to purchase and listen to.
Love when a band gets a school bus for fans who don’t have a car to get to this venue.
Its a nice venue for musicians to play but its so out of the city.

The show started off with Ottawa/Montreal musician Leif Vollebekk.
He has played frequently at the Blacksheep Inn.
This time it felt very short but he did sing alot of new material.
It was very nice and intimate.
Still amazes me with his talents and great solo musician.
Leif Vollebekk @ The Blacksheep Inn

Next up was Toronto’s Whale Tooth.
If you don’t know their music is indie pop/rock.
They pretty got the audience dancing up a storm.
Even I had a fun time dancing around.
Waving my hair (which is sort of getting long) around.
Glad that everyone was having a great time with their music.
The energy from them was unbelievable.
Whale Tooth @ The Blacksheep InnWhale Tooth @ The Blacksheep Inn

Finally it was The Balconies to play.
I don’t know how many times I’ve seen.
They just bring it 100% with their indie rock/pop music.
All three members are so talented.
Love hearing 300 Pages, The Slo, Battle Royale and many more from their debut CD.
Surprising part was when Jacquie did a solo set.
Fun wild set.
Go out and see this band live!!!
Or go out and purchase their CD.
The Balconies @ The Blacksheep InnThe Balconies @ The Blacksheep Inn
Overall a fun dancing time at the Blacksheep Inn.
So surprising to attend a Blacksheep Inn show where everyone is dancing and standing up.

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