Show Review: 8 bands, two venues, one building

Thursday night was a fun night for Ottawa local acts, one from Toronto and one from Calgary.
Its always a habit of me to attend two different shows.
But its worth to check it out and find out the acts have to give.

First I will review the Cafe Dekcuf show.
Bands playing were:

I got to stick around for parts of the set.
Organ Eyes was my first time checking them.
Organ Eyes @ Cafe DekcufThey are a duo from Ottawa.
Music is very indie folk, acoustic pop.
I didn’t stick around but I took some photos.
Hopefully I get to see a full set from them sometime soon.

Giant Hand I’ve seen alot this year.
My Dad Vs Yours @ Cafe DekcufMy Dad Vs Yours was up and I’ve seen them a few times.
They were great as always.
Didn’t stick around much because I was either going up and down the venues to see who was playing what.
Azeda Booth @ Cafe DekcufAzeda Booth was great as always
Wished there were more people dancing around.
There was a few people that was at the show.
It was one of those small intimate shows.

From one venue to another.
I was at Mavericks and the bands that were playing were:

All I have to say was that it was guys (If the girls want to call it “pretty boys”) night performing.
Well one female from Fire Heats Water which I didn’t know they had one.

First band was Anchors.
Anchors @ Mavericks
It was their first live set and it was really good.
Alot of older people that was just there for their set.
Their music is indie folk-country-rock.
I did like when they sang a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams.

Second was Fire Heats Water.
Fire Heats Water @ Mavericks
Indie rock-alternative.
I enjoyed it alot.
Very fun and crazy.
Hope to see them more in future shows.
Spookey Ruben @ Mavericks
Third was Spookey Ruben.
I didn’t know who he was. But he is from Toronto.
Apparently he got the crowds going with his songs.
I just can’t pinpoint who he sounds like. I could say Dashboard Confessionals.
Crazy was someone dress up in a owl’s costume.

The Love Machine @ MavericksLastly was The Love Machine.
Great set as always and bring out the fun for Ottawa.
Crazy times when some people went up on stage during songs like Squirrels and Love Is On Your Side.
Can’t wait for the new CD whenever that comes out.
Nice to see they have a great fanbase and hoping it will increase this year.

That was my night.

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