Martha Wainwright @ Bronson Centre

I had a interesting night.
I wasn’t expecting to see Martha Wainwright again.
Last time I saw her play was at Bluesfest.
Thanks to my brother who won the tickets from CBC Radio 3(Who says CBC doesn’t give away good things? Support Radio 3 and good things might come).

Martha Wainwright comes from a musical family background.
Her brother is Rufus Wainwright and her parents are famous singers Loudon Wainwright III and Kate McGarrigle.

Martha played at Ottawa’s Bronson Centre on December 20th.
Apparently it was the last stop in her North America tour.
She has been touring everywhere supporting her album “I Know You’re Married But I Got Feelings Too”. Which is one of the best albums in 2008.

The opener was Jason Bajada.
Not familiar with his stuff but he is from Montreal.
He had a great set but it was totally short.
Very folk rock pop style and his new album which is out on iTunes is called “Loves**t”.
Great performer.
Jason Bajada @ Bronson Centre
Martha came on and I swear you can hear a pin drop in the auditorium.
Sang lots of good tunes.
Didn’t know the name of the first song but it was amazing just listening to her sing with just her guitar.
The second song was Bleeding All Over For You.
Such a great track.
She sang lots from the current one and some old ones.
She sang Bloody Mother F-ing A-hole and hopefully no one was shocked or had a heartattack hearing that song.
Considering there was alot of grown ups and some elderly fans.
When Martha brought up her mom Kate McGarrigle went on stage.
She was so adorable and sang a french Christmas song with her daughter.
And another Christmas song just by herself about post 9/11 Christmas.
Great family affair to see that.
My favorite part was after the encore Martha and her mom sang the french song Dis, quand reviendras-tu?. It was so riveting and bought chills down my spine.

Overall despite the bus strike and probably Christmas parties happening.
The show was very great, intimate and enjoyable.
The audience was very mature and no hecklers or outburst to Martha.
Martha Wainwright @ Bronson Centre
Glad to enjoy a nice holiday show by her
Here are photos from the show.

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