Show Review: Snowblink, Bear Claps and Bruce Peninsula

After doing Bluesfest, things are back to normal.
On July 23rd went to Cafe Dekcuf to see three great acts.
One being my fourth time seeing them
Playing were:
Bear Claps
Bruce Peninsula

It was great seeing them again and also nice meeting newer bands.
I did some interview with each band and they will be separate entries.
But on the show front. It was better for each band to play at that venue.
Its smaller and more intimate.

The first band was Snowblink.
Its a band by husband-wife duo Daniela Gesundheit and Dan Goldman.
I didn’t know Daniela is American, which I thought when she was in Bruce Peninsula that she was Canadian.
Their set was very nice.
Very acoustic folk experimental set.
Love the guitar that Daniela had which had antlers attached.
Snow Blink @ Cafe Dekcuf
Next was Ottawa’s Bear Clap.
Their set is very new wave poppy. Different from Snowblink and Bruce Peninsula.
Fun and catchy music they played.
Hoping to see them live again sometime soon.
Bear Claps @ Cafe Dekcuf
Finally it was Bruce Peninsula’s turn.
They put on a brilliant set.
Was so excited and it just gave me chills down my spine.
This time they had 9 members up on a small stage at Dekcuf.
Played some new tracks and of course tracks from the current album A Mountain is a Mouth.
It was an amazing set and being at Dekcuf had more of a closer experience.
Bruce Peninsula @ Cafe Dekcuf
Amazing set seeing them for the fourth time.
I felt like I was being their PR guy because I got people who went being their first show and introduce some of the members to them.
Nice to hear good response from new fans of Bruce Peninsula and how the show was amazing.
Want to tell whoever is reading this that Bruce Peninsula will be back in October.
You have to see them live if you can.

Photos will be up soon.
Now on to doing the interview section.


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