Show Review: Winchester Warm and Ukrainia

Second night at Zaphod Beeblebrox must becoming a habit for me.
Or becoming a second home when it comes to live music.
Tonight it was a CBC Radio 2, Canada Live taping and it was Winchester Warm and Ukrainia.
Not sure when it will be aired on CBC Radio 2 but I can’t wait to hear it.
If I want to hear myself hooting and hollering.

Winchester Warm @ ZaphodsFirst up Alan Neal the host for Canada Live introduced Winchester Warm.
Winchester Warm @ ZaphodsI’ve seen them alot and they are amazing as always.
Since its a side project of Poorfolk, their music is the exact opposite.
More softer, acoustic and folk sounding.
As a joke I call them Poorfolk minus two or Poorfolk gone soft.
They had a great set and have to wait for their album in the fall.
Ukrainia @ Zaphods
After them was Ukrainia.
It was my second time to see them and they always put on a show.
If you don’t know they are a Ottawa rock band which the lead singer sings in Ukrainian.
Ukrainia @ ZaphodsI forgot how crazy fun and funny this band is.
When the leader singer talks in Ukrainian, the drummer would translate.
There was one point the lead singer almost slipped into english but still kept into character.
They had a special guest up on stage and her name was Sofia Bilozor.
Made the show more interesting.
I was surprise by the turnout for them.
I would have thought like maybe 50 people tops but it was a packed showing.
The demographics was not the 20s-30s, there were adult that were enjoying their music.
Ukrainia @ ZaphodsThere was a supportive Ukrainian community that attended the show.
Nice to see the people there dancing and having fun.
With a band like that, who cares what language they are speaking.
The music is what counts and having a blast is another.

Overall it was a fun night and surprise with the turnout.
Maybe the people at CBC were happy by it.

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