The Balconies @ The Rainbow Bistro

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November 20th I went to the Rainbow Bistro to see my favorite new band The Balconies.
Also it playing was After The Weather from Montreal and Whale Tooth from Toronto.
Was a night of alot of people I know like the usual I see at shows and surprise of 2 friends I know who I haven’t seen because they are busy with other stuff were.
A social gathering of the masses
The first band was After the Weather.
They were alright.
After The Weather @ The Rainbow Bistro
After them was Whale Tooth.
They were great, I was dancing around and having a good time with my friends.
Who I happen to drag them to the front of the stage.
My friend said they almost sound like Feist but I thought they had that Blondie sound.
Well since its very new wave, indie pop.

Whale Tooth @ The Rainbow Bistro

Finally it was the Balconies.
They were amazing this time.
Maybe because there was alot of people attending and made it 10 times as fun and crazy.
Jacquie is always a excellent singer.
Fun to see the brother, sister pairing working really well too.
Always puts on a great show for the Ottawa scene.
Hope good things do happen for this band.
The Balconies @ The Rainbow Bistro
The Balconies @ The Rainbow BistroThe Balconies @ The Rainbow Bistro

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  1. Gilda

    Hey – great photos/blog! I really love the black and white pic!!
    I was supposed to go, but sadly couldn’t attend. Glad to hear it was good. Such a good bar. I hear good things about the Balconies too. Haven’t had the chance yet. Do you know of a show sometime soon??
    I’m going to Dekcuf Saturday – hope I run into you.

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