Today, Ottawa’s Silkken dropped the long awaited album in 7 years called ANCHORS.
Most of the songs came out in 2019 but it is cool to hear musicians like Winchester Warm’s Jonathan Pearce and Gianna Lauren go out of their comfort zones.
12 tracks of hazy summery electro-dance pop music to get through this pandemic summer fun.

About the album:
Writing this album has been my most meaningful creative project of the last 3 years. Long before the pandemic, I found myself hit by unexpected waves and nearly sunk. As the pandemic struck, I saw my friends and community also doing their best to keep their heads above water.

Despite the hardships, it offered time and space to deepen our ties to the people, passions, and natural spaces that ground us. Hidden in the depths of this album are all the fears, denial, acceptance, comforts, and return-to-self that big upheavals bring.

At the end of the day, this album is about the joys that persist.

ANCHORS (the album) gets:

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