Silkken Laumann and New Swears @ ■ warehouse ■ [April 25, 2015]

Spring has finally begun (well minus the chilly coldness that Saturday night) with this fun and crazy show and party.
Arboretum Festival presented this event called ■ warehouse ■ at Makers Space North.
There was a maze of a installation, live bands and DJs playing great music.
â warehouse â
From what I heard, there was a long line up when the doors opened at 9pm.
I arrived at around 10:30pm so I didn’t have to wait in line but had to miss Adam Saikley Trio which was a psych-Jazz set.
It was exciting see the usual people and some new people who I am totally forgeting.
Silkken Laumann @ â warehouse â
Silkken Laumann began their set and it was a fun dance experience.
First time that Martin of Fevers was playing with them.
Loved listening and dancing to their tracks from Forever Not Enough and they did a cover(?) which cowbells was added!
Totally awesome set to start off!
New Swears @ â warehouse â
Now to a different direction in the live music.
Lastly it was New Swears‘ turn on stage.
Just say, it was totally insane with people moshing left, right and centre.
While security was being d**ks about it, people did it anyways.
If you look at the photos, you can see what they wore leaving to the imagination.
During their final song, literally people went on stage and partied like no end!

â warehouse â
My favorite photo from the event!

You can say it is a precursor on what to expect Arborteum Festival 2015.
Hint: New location going to be announced! It’s near Lebreton Flats!
This was absolutely the best party/show that Arboretum Festival had to offer.
Hoping for more warehouse?

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