Simon Provencher – Mesures [Streaming]

Montreal now living in Hull/Gatineau Simon Provencher released his debut EP Mesures via Michel Records.
A fine mix of indie experimental music that is simple and not very complicated in the length of the tracks.

About the EP:
Mesures is an EP that tells a chiasmatic tale, and the listening experience draws two very distinct sides that become part of a whole.
What has started like a lonesome project, quickly became a territory for a creative conversation punctuated by the syncopated rhythms and percussions from Olivier Fairfield (Fet.Nat, Last Ex) and woodwind improviser Elyze Venne-Deshaies’ clarinets; A free canvas entrusted by Simon to both musicians letting the musical encounters shine by the unpredictability it would add to his music.

Mesures gets:

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