Leona Lewis – Run

Leona Lewis

OK I know the song was originally done by Snow Patrol.
Love her or hate her she is very big in the UK thanks to X-Factor (UK’s version of American Idol) and while in the USA, Bleeding Love is still being played.
She just re-released her debut simply called “Spirit – Deluxe Edition” in time for the Christmas frentic holiday sale.

I still love Snow Patrol’s version.
Hearing this version by Leona made it more ballady and emotional.
Not to overshadow Snow Patrol, but they are already famous now thanks to another song which I won’t name due to being overplayed too much.

Leona version is poppy and has that big finish ending.
Easy to sing along too.
So yeah, I love this verison alot now!
Very happy that iTunes Canada has the single available now.
So no need for me to get the “Deluxe Edition” now.

Read that the album is already back to #1 in the UK.
People are going crazy just to get this version of the song.

Its already made it to #1 in the singles chart.


  1. Niall O'K

    I thought this was a review… did you like this version of the song? How would you rate it? Would you buy it? Would you recommend it?

    I’m by no means a Leona Lewis or X-Factor fan but that aside, I thought this was one of the best cover versions I’ve heard. Ever. Period.

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