Single review: U2 – Get On Your Boots

I was checking on iTunes and they have the pre-order for the upcoming U2 album No Line On The Horizon which drops on March 3, 2009
Today I decided to pre-order the “Deluxe Edition” because I wanted to get the Anton Corbijn’s film Linear.

OK I got the single Get On Your Boots.
Its very wild kind of song.
Reminds me of the song Fast Cars which was on the UK bonus track for How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
It will take me a few more listen to actually say “Wow I love it now”.
Also there is a little controversy with the album cover.
The cover is…
Hope this new album will live up to the hype that its been carrying.
I miss the old U2 from the Achtung Baby and Zooropa and abit of POP days.
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  1. Emma

    I wasn’t so sure about the new single ‘Get On Your Boots,’ at first, but it’s definitely grown on me now.
    Can’t wait for the whole album.
    I got the deluxe version too, cuz I want the exclusive tracks, and the film and all that extra stuff.
    Hopefully there will be some North American dates soon.

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