Singles of 2009 Top 10

For those that haven’t noticed. Lately I’ve been compiling a list of Canadian and Non-Canadian albums, singles & etc that happened in 2009.
So here is my Top 10 singles of 2009 featuring 9 Canadian, 1 American and 1 British.

  1. Zero – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

  2. What can I say, its been their year. Something about that song gets me dancing. Got to love that jacket Karen O is wearing in the music video.

  3. Through & Through & Through – Joel Plaskett

  4. Catchy rock-pop tune by the amazing and talented Joel Plaskett

  5. Bras D’Or LakesThe Hylozoists

  6. For those who aren’t aware or surprise with this band. They are instrumental Toronto band fronted by Paul Aucoin who plays the vibraphone.
    Something about this track is so dramatic and haunting.

  7. Don’t Haunt This Place – The Rural Alberta Advantage

  8. In replacement, the only official music video the band has done is Drain The Blood. So enjoy this music video.
    Don’t Haunt This Place is one of my favorite songs of 2009. Love the drum beats.

  9. (TIED) Heavens To Purgatory – The Most Serene Republic and This Thunder by The Ghost Is Dancing.
  10. I decided to have a tie since I wanted to have both songs in the Top 10.

    A very trippy music video. The song is very catchy and banjo is killer.

    This Thunder which I simply love this song, just speaks to me. The video is so retro-cool to homages of European films. A perfect poppy Canadian song.

  11. Sweet Sixteen – Think About Life

  12. DANCE PARTY!!! The song has some meaning since its about what it was like being sixteen. The music video is very funny and quirky.

  13. SteamrollerBruce Peninsula

  14. Something about this song when you listen to it. You’ve been transported back in the early 1900s

  15. New Years – Ohbijou

  16. Ohbijou does it best with New Years. I find the video cute when the volcano explodes.

  17. Oh My God (Still Means Alot To Me) – The Wooden Sky

  18. Something about this song just sticks into your head.

  19. I’m Not Alone – Calvin Harris

  20. Song that hit #1 in UK with no collaboration. Its dance at its best in 2009.

Now I have to finish off the Decades and Best of 2009 shows.

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