Slack Bridges – EP1 [Review]

When it comes to finding cool R&B/Soul and funk groups or act in Ottawa.
One band comes to mind which happens to be Souljazz Orchestra who are renowned outside of Canada.
But when it comes to an indie or coming up the ranks levels, there isn’t any to list on my radar.

It wasn’t until I found out about Slack Bridges.
Not really like Souljazz but they have more of R&B and soul with some funk sound to them.
The band began probably late 2015 and have been a handful of shows in 2016.

Slack Bridges is more of an collective of artists who play in different bands like Heavy Bedroom and Steamers.
Early this year they released their long awaited EP simply called EP1.
While I wanted their introduction single So Caught Up to be on the EP which didn’t make it.

EP1 is four tracks of unique and great R&B/Soul and funky music.
It’s unheard of at the moment to have this in Ottawa’s indie music scene.
Their music will get you moving and shaking and probably want to throw your panties in the air.

This is a band to definitely look out for.

Best tracks:

  • Beholden
  • Whole Lot of Love

I’d give EP1:

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