Slim Twig, US Girls, Knifemare and Stale Cum @ Summer Houseshow [Photos]

The summer has already started and means that house/basement shows have begun.
Went to a fun houseshow on June 4, 2011.
Playing at there were:

I didn’t get to see Holy Cobras because it got too crazy crowded and running late.
I was more into seeing Slim Twig and U.S. Girls both hailing from Toronto.
U.S. Girls @ Summer Houseshow
The first band to play was Ottawa’s Knifemare.
Surprised to see the band is expanding and becoming a full band.
Put on a wild and crazy set.
Knifemare @ Summer Houseshow
Second was Ottawa’s Stale Cum.
I didn’t catch must of it because it got crazy crowded.
I was mostly outside chatting with friends.
But I took some photos of their wild set.
Stale Cum @ Summer Houseshow
Third was U.S. Girls.
It was a pretty unique set with just her with bunch of equipment and some tape players.
I really enjoyed that set that was all experimental pop.
Really loved her rendition of Brandy and Monica’s The Boy Is Mine.
U.S. Girls @ Summer Houseshow
Fourth was Slim Twig.
He had a full band playing in that small basement.
It was a great set and totally enjoyed it.
Slim Twig @ Summer Houseshow
Before Slim Twig’s set, Emily McQuarrie‘s interview with Slim Twig himself.
Have a listen to the interview.

Click below for more photos.


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