Slow Down, Molasses – Some Fine Action [Listen]

Today the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan band Slow Down, Molasses dropped the track called Some Fine Action.
The third single is taken from their upcoming album Minor Deaths which comes out on October 8, 2021 via Noyes Records (North America) / Divine Schism (United Kingdom).
A great shoegazing rocking tune.

About the track:
The group’s frontman Tyson McShane says:
“Some Fine Action was my attempt at writing a love song, but in typical fashion, instead I couldn’t help but focus on the self-doubt, self-loathing, and struggle to be better that often accompanies even the best relationships.
I’ve often thought that the best thing you can ask for in a partner is someone who will hold you to account and keep you striving to better, while equally being able drag you out of the worst depths when you need. I guess commiserating on those ideas is my version of a love song.”

Confronting bristling anxious energy with highly-pronounced pop edges, Slow Down Molasses has never been shy about traversing shifting sonic territories. In their latest iteration, the four-piece plunge deep into delay trails and feedback decay with a sound steeped in existential dread and simmering guitar rock post-punk sunshine.

Some Fine Action gets:

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