Snowblink @ The Horseshoe Tavern [CMW 2012]

The first show on Friday nights during CMW 2012.
I was thinking of staying for the whole AArts & Crafts showcase happening at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern.
Arts & Crafts sure knows how to get the crowds anticipated for their showcase.
But I decided to see my favorite act Snowblink.
Snowblink @ The Legendary Horsehoe Tavern

I was surprised to hear Snowblink getting signed to Arts & Crafts.
It was their Arts & Crafts live debut.
Snowblink @ The Legendary Horsehoe Tavern
Looks like Snowblink went from a duo to a trio, now with a drummer whose name “get this” happens to be Dan.
They played mostly new material from the upcoming sophomore album.
One of the new songs she mentioned had a surf sound.
She said “I don’t surf, but I covet that skill”* which I thought was funny.
They did play some tracks from Long Live like Rut & Ruzzle.
Whoever got their prestigious bells got to join in during the song.
I was bummed out that they didn’t sing “Ambergris” but I think it wouldn’t fit in well on the whole night’s event at the venue.
Snowblink @ The Legendary Horsehoe Tavern
Daniela asked the crowd: “Is it too hot in here to play a Bruce Springsteen song?”*
Which they sang their version of “State Trooper”.
Snowblink @ The Legendary Horsehoe Tavern
Overall it was a great debut for them to be on the label.
I just hope they don’t “re-re-release” Long Live before they drop the sophomore album.
Here are the rest of the photos.

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