Status/Non-Status – Mashkiki Sunset [Music Video]

Today Status/Non-Status drop the cool stop motion animated music video for Mashkiki Sunset directed by Sarah Houle of Ghostkeeper.
The leading single is taken from their upcoming album Surely Travel which comes out on September 23, 2022 via You’ve Changed Records.
A cool dreamy rock road tripin’ vibe song.
Also it has been a stellar year for Adam Sturgeon who’s other project OMBIIGIZI is shortlisted for this year’s Polaris Music Prize.

About the track:
“Mashkiki Sunset” is the first single from Surely Travel, “a record about being trapped in a van, watching life pass by through a foggy windshield,” says Sturgeon.
“While often pulled far from home, I will picture myself a bird, flying home on a beautiful sunset atop the back of my dear old van.”

Mashikiki Sunset gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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